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Green Initiatives
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Green Initiatives

The Green Team was formed in November 2010 to support the objective of environmental stewardship in The Helena May's Mission Statement.

Saving of Energy
  • Engaged Hong Kong Electric to carry out an energy audit
  • Installed energy saving light bulbs, photovoltaic lighting control, AirconMiser energy control units for air-conditioners and a Power Predictor on the roof to measure the potential wind and solar capacity.

Conservation of Resources
Ocean Friendly Menu
The Helena May worked with WWF to include a section of Ocean Friendly Seafood in the Club.

No Shark's Fin Pledge
The Helena May has pledged that no shark's fin will be consumed in The Helena May or at Helena May outside functions.

Annual Staff Party
The Helena May joined WWF's Green Spring Dinner program by consuming only sustainable seafood during our annual staff party.

Water Flow Restrictor
Water flow restrictors are installed on the outlet of water taps throughout the whole club, saving 45% of the water consumption on these taps.

Reduction in Paper Usage
The Helena May implemented WWF's "Tips on Reduction of Paper in the Office" and shares documents using the intranet instead of printing them out and through double-sided printing as well as printing on used paper.

Use of FSC Paper The Helena May uses paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for photocopying. This certification ensures that the paper was made with virgin fibres that come from forests managed to the highest environmental and social standards.

Recycling of Used Cooking Oil
Used cooking oil is collected weekly by a local firm for recycling into biodiesel for vehicle / industrial fuel and resold locally.

Fruit and vegetable peels, ground coffee, paper, etc. from The Helena May's kitchen and offices are turned into fertilizer for the garden using two composting bins.

Other Recycling Practices
  • Recycling of glass bottles with Green Glass Green
  • Recycling of used paper and cans
  • Selling of ex library books in regular second hand book sales
  • Recycling of computer equipment with Caritas
  • Recycling and donation of furniture, equipment, etc. to Crossroads or Salvation Army

Spring Clean Sale
Spring Clean Sales are held regularly for selling secondhand and unwanted items. Profits are donated to the Charity of the Year.

Education and Training
Green ideas are communicated to stakeholders through
  • Letters, emails and newsletters to Members and Residents
  • Posters and Signs
  • WWF Briefing for staff
  • Children's "Green" Spring Party
  • Wangari Lecture Series

The Helena May
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